Sponsorship Prospectus
Sponsorship Prospectus

Our past sponsors and attendees say it best!
Here’s what a few have to share about their TechLearn experiences: 

“Working with the professionals at Training magazine is a joy. You guys are the best.”

John Martin

CEO, BundlAR

“I thought they did a great job with their energy and ambassadors. Probably the best virtual conference I’ve presented at!”

Jeff Marshall

CEO, Ovation

“Many thanks to each and every one of you for your support – and making us at Scrimmage feel such a part of the Training magazine family!”

Sharon Steeley

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Scrimmage

“This was my first in-person industry conference and it was an excellent experience. The size was big enough to give lots of options but small enough to make connections and not feel overwhelmed. I loved every minute.”

Laura Coulter

eLearning Specialist, Raintree Systems

“TechLearn 2022 was a career highlight. I met amazing people who are pushing the envelope for innovative learning experiences while also presenting realistic, immediately applicable solutions. So grateful!”

Rachel Arpin

Learning and Development Consultant, LED Learning

“TechLearn was an elevated conference experience in which I was able to build new relationships, meet others in a very intentional way, and really push the boundaries on building the skills and knowledge of employees in the world – reaching them in new and novel ways, but still being true to them and meeting them where they are at.”

Britney Cole

Head of Innovation Lab, Ken Blanchard Companies

Training magazine’s TechLearn 2022 conference was one of the most immersive and valuable conferences I have recently attended. It’s impressive to see the amount of talent involved in presenting but attending as well! I highly recommend this conference!”

Holly Nichols

Program Specialist, NASA

“The value you get from this conference in terms of networking, exposure and learning is completely off the charts. You will be in the right place with the right people.”

Bernardo Letayf

CEO, BlueRabbit

“Techlearn is an incredible conference where I played, learned, and connected with brightest minds in the field of Learning and Development.”

Cheryl Patton